Tripped by An Angel

The fall happened,
pain seared through
the already injured
shoulder, another skin tear.

The world shifted.
Is this it, the unsteadiness
the weakness
the pain?

But dawn came.
There’s a follow-up with
the chiropractor
this morning, perfect!

The skin tear, we’re out
anyway, let’s visit the
Wound Doctor
on the way home.

He finds the blood blister
we’ve been ignoring.
Necrotic he says.

Without the fall
without that shoulder visit
without that skin tear
we’d not have known.

An angel tripped him.
led us along to find the
perfect help before it was
too late.



I am  reminded how we are being helped, not always in the way we expect. But, always moving us, blessing us.  Like the parable of the Chinese farmer, you can’t judge an event without knowing the whole picture. The one we never have at the moment. Good comes from the terrible. Just when we think we’ve got it made, something happens.

We’re on the roller coaster of life, to judge is to add suffering to the ride. In stead we could stay in the “wow” as Ram Dass recently said. Wow, look at this! I wonder what’s next?



  1. Thanks for reminding me of what’s true, Barbara.
    It’s all good in the end.
    If it’s not good, it’s not the end yet, or something like that from the marigold hotel movie.

  2. Paula Butterfield says:

    I love this! The universe’s sense of humor sometimes seems pretty warped, and never off the mark. Thanks for the great reminder. Hugs to you and to Joseph.

  3. Lee Ann Austin says:

    I am glad Joseph got the rotten out of his system. Now he is all sweet. Many years ago, my heart told me to write about slavery. I refused. For many weeks in my prayers, I was instructed to write about slavery. I refused. Then one day at Phil Moore Park where I plant the trees, I stepped off the curb and damaged my inner meniscus where I could not dig a hole to plant a tree. I could not do very much at all. My prayer response continued to be to write about slavery. I agreed. I searched my soul and I wrote with great freedom about slavery. I felt unspeakable rage and rancor within my body until I was able to define it, what slavery is and how it feels. During this experience of feeling this internal rage and helplessness, I found my voice!! I became extremely present and focused and the whole world seemed to have become alive where it had been dull and boring to me. It fascinates me to see how everything is connected and has good in it for us in some way. Life really is a mystery and a beautiful unfolding flower of experience for all of us. If you are going to take a trip, I can think of no better way than with an angel.