Are You a Creator?

“It’s too big a word” a thoughtful woman said.
“God creates” said another.
“It makes me feel kind of vulnerable” said an honest young man.

The question isn’t “Are you a creator?” but rather, “How do you create?”  What is it that works? Where do we fit in to the total scheme of things: with other creators, the earth & nature, the universe, the Divine?


How do we create more of the life we want? I’m enthralled by tools and techniques for expanding self-awareness: what do we really want; who do we think we are; the impact of our beliefs, our judgments, our conditioning on the results we get. What does it means to be true to your self, to be free, to not be driven by fear?

How do we co-create with others:  What are the processes that honor our connectedness in practical ways: those that allow groups to come together and find common ground, to respect but not get stuck on where they disagree, to take the next steps in bringing about what they care about.  How can we encourage doing your best, but also supporting others to do the same.

WE ARE CREATORS! We become more: more aware, more experienced, often more connected  through our creating.

The journey is messy with it’s highs and lows, with times of clarity and times of total confusion.

This website and “my musings” reflect my learning about what works, my personal ups and downs, and those special times when I can embrace it all.